Crime Prevention & Prevalence System

The IMAGEPRO 5000 detect and track the movement of objects (persons, things or vehicles) using cameras installed pointing to different directions. They are installed on various roads for crime prevention and transmit information they gather by automatic target tracking, moving-object detection, and recording videos.

- Imagepro 5000

- Main Features

  • Application : School zone, Life security, Enviromental crime(Fly tipping, Etc)
  • Detection : Automatic image tracking
  • Resolution : HD, Full HD, SD, D1
  • Information : Vehicle’s identification number, Image and video, Face recognition
  • Option : Warning announcement, Two-way communications, Information for VMS
  • Crime Prevention Center

    Crime Prevention Center

  • Track and identify vehicle and objects

    Track and identify vehicle and objects

  • View, Operation

    View, Operation