Speed Enforcement System

The TOPCAM 2000 scans for and detects speed violations using cameras and detection sensors (loop, laser and radar). They are installed on various types of roads and collect information such as license plate numbers, time and speed to transmit to a control center.
When they detect a violation of the speed limit, information about the violating vehicle is automatically transmitted to a regional center and the central control center, thus enabling the responsible authority to issue a ticket for speeding.

- TopCam 2000

- Main Features

  • Sensor : Loop, Laser, Radar
  • Identification method: auto identification of vehicle number
  • Identification number: Over 90%
  • Measurement speed: 10km/h~ 250km/h
  • Detection lane : 1 lane (Up to 4 lanes)
  • License plate lookup and ticket printing system(option)
  • Vehicle detection

    Vehicle detection

  • ANPR


  • Center